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Welcome to the Lowell Village Metropolitan District Board "Compliance Notices" webpage.

District compliance notices are available below to view or download.

If you have any questions, please email us at:

Current Calendar Year Transparency Notice

Current Fiscal Year Adopted Annual Budget & Any Adopted Budget Amendments

Most Recent Approved Application for Exemption from Audit (submittal deadline 3/31) OR Audited Financial Statement (submittal deadline 7/31)

Preceding Calendar Year Annual Report

  • 2022 Annual Report (posted by 10/1 annually, beginning in 2023)

Current Fiscal Year Scheduled Regular Meetings 

  • Date, Time, and Location of Scheduled Regular Meetings (posted no later than 1/30 of the current fiscal year, ratified by resolution adopted at the first board meeting of each year):

    • 2023 Regular Meeting Schedule:

      • Proposed for the 3rd Thursday of odd-numbered months: 1/19, 3/16, 5/18, 7/20, 9/21, 11/16

      • To be ratified by District board resolution approved at the first board meeting of the year.

      • Time:  9:00am - 10:00am MT

      • Location:  All meetings virtual for the foreseeable future.

      • Audio: 415-594-5500, 854-558-718#

      • Video:

Current Fiscal Year Designated Posting Location(s) for Meeting Notices

  • Proposed Designated Posting Location(s) for Meeting Notices (to be ratified by resolution adopted at the first Board meeting of each year):

    • Regular Meetings:​  District website (

    • Special Meetings:  District website (

    • Budget Consideration Meetings:  

      • District website (  AND EITHER...

      • For proposed budgets of $50,000 or greater:  Published one time in a newspaper having general circulation in the location of the special district. OR...

      • For proposed budgets of $50,000 or less:   Posted in at least 3 physical locations within the District boundaries, as follows:

        • The community mailbox of the Lowell Village Townhomes.

        • The public lobby of the Lowell School​.

        • Signposts, telephone poles, or fences within the District boundaries visible from public rights-of-way as available and accessible.


Current Fiscal Year Election Info

  • Regular Election Call for Nominations (posted no more than 100 days and no less than 75 days prior to any regular election in the current fiscal year)

  • Certified Election Results (posted no later than 30 days after any election in the current fiscal year)

Current Boundary Map

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